Light Bobs Skirmish Rules for the AWI


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Light Bobs Skirmish Rules for the AWILight Bobs Skirmish Rules for the AWI

  • Light Bobs is a Battalion level set rules for the American Revolution
  • Includes army lists for the Americans, French and British as well as their allies
  • Revised Edition with 5 scenarios
  • Spiral Bound Format to lie flat on the table
  • Contains 5 scenarios.


These books inspired the writing of Light Bobs

About Light Bobs

If you are familiar with the Day of Battle, you’ll notice a partial resemblance to them in these rules.

Light Bobs is meant to cover actions where hundreds, rather than thousands, of soldiers are deployed. I feel that Light Bobs is written to be at battalion level, meaning the player commands four or more units called Companies. Companies are small (4 to 12 figures). This scale is larger than a man-to-man encounter, but below a brigade or multiple battalion engagement.

A basic game is between two leaders each commanding 4 to 6 Companies. Action is fast and sharp with the different Companies of mixed arms and varying moral types. This is the scale of small units led by individual officers: a scale that I feel is sorely lacking in rules offerings. To bring out the individuality of the scale and the period I have used the personality rules from Day of Battle. These rules allow you to fight your Leader from battle to battle and watch him grow as a commander. This system is a sort of paperless campaign.

Finally actions are now broken down into theaters so you can move from one to another to fight different actions with different types of armies. The theaters provided are Boston, Saratoga, the Mid-Atlantic States and the South.

The rule book is spiral bound and lies flat on the table

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