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Light Bobs Designer Notes (50 downloads) Light Bobs Designer Notes (50 downloads)

Light Bobs provide a wargame based on small companies led by individual officers during the
American Revolution. The rules are named after the nickname given to the British Light Infantry
in the period.
The rules are written to simulate battalion level combat where hundreds, rather than thousands,
of soldiers are deployed. This is larger than an individual skirmish, but below a brigade or
multiple battalion action.

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Light Bobs Command Staff Cards (53 downloads)

Command Staff
Those in command always have men about them concerned for their safety and well being as well as assisting them with the burdens of command. To reflect this Light Bobs uses command staff.  Each LOW starts with one drummer, a corporal and a sergeant as their command staff.  The staff is represented by cards which can only be played once in a game. During any  turn, a LOW may use some, none, or all of their remaining command staff cards to perform command tasks.

Command Tasks
● Saving Dice Roll
● Issue A Command
● Re-roll Or Redraw

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