Four Reasons To Play Day of Battle

Four Reasons To Play Day of Battle

The War Lord is a 1965 movie with Charleton Heston
Warlord Poster

1.  It’s Easy to Learn To Play Day Of Battle

Day of Battle is a game for 15 and 28 mm miniatures set during the medieval period. To Play Day of Battle you, and one or more friends, can gather round a table covered with miniature soldiers, dice and scenery.

You all take on the roles of individual medieval Warlords commanding armies of a few thousand men. During the game your Warlord will try to achieve their goals, gain honor, and avoid being killed or captured.

2.  The Fog of War

The “fog of war” and unpredictability built into Day of Battle is such that you can easily play a game against yourself if you wish. I have run a campaign with six different Warlords playing them against one another at random.

3.  Leaders Play a Large Role

As a player you take on the role of leader, referred to as a Warlord, with a profile of skills and experience.  Warlords are responsible for raising and organizing their army and for commanding their own battle line.   In the medieval world, every person had a place on the social ladder, usually determined by birth although inspired individuals could sometimes rise on their own merit or luck.

Day of Battle encourages you to use your Warlord from battle to battle. This will give each battle a common reference point and enhance the thrill of enacting battles of the era.

4.  Finally A Game That Has A Medieval Feel

The game mechanisms are designed to give the feeling of the period, not just a battle. They represent the battlefield in a way that is both comprehensible and enjoyable, permitting you to act and react to your opponent. Games between new Warlords are over in an hour or so allowing for multiple games in one sitting. As you learn to manipulate the time and scale interactions of the game, you will become a more daunting opponent. To add to the standard games there are specific rules for battles during the Crusades  and advanced rules for more experienced or adventurous players.

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