About DOB Games

About DOB Games

  • Day of Battle the Middle Ages (DoB) is a set of wargame rules for the Medieval Era.
  • Light Bobs is a set of skirmisher rules written for The American Revolution.

Day of Battle and Light Bobs feature the leader as a core element of the game.  Leaders have many features and skills which help in commanding an army.  These rules help set DoB and Light Bobs apart from most other wargame rules.

In Day of Battle the Middle Ages each player is a Warlord and raises his own army.  Each army will be unique and is heavily random based.  In Light Bobs the player is a Leader of Worth and has much greater control on the make up of force which is called a battalion.

The most unique feature of both sets of rules allows the growth of the leader, Warlord or Leader of Worth from one battle to the next.  Each, based on their success or failure in the last battle have a chance of increasing their status.  In DoB the increase is measured by social ranks.  Starting  as a baron he hopes to become king.  In Light Bobs the player starts off as a captain and hopes to achieve major before he retires.

By definition Light Bobs is a nickname for the British light infantry, first used during the American Revolution, and commonly applied to the Light Division during the Napoleonic wars.

They were frequently grouped with British Grenadiers who called them their children as the Light Bobs often found food and other special items and broth them back to share.  In turn the Grenadiers who were considered heavy infantry of the time would give aid and shelter to the Light Bobs on the battle field if they became to pressed by the enemy.

As the war wore most of the infantry of the British army learned the light infantry tactics of the Light Bobs.