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  Light BobsWelcome to Day of Battle Games

The website of miniatures wargame rules by Chris Parker. 
Chris’  latest game in the Day of Battle series is a battalion level set of rules for the American Revolution called Light Bobs”.

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Over the years Chris has published Day of Battle, the Norman Conquests, Crusader Warfare, Medieval Warfare (not Terry Gores) Knighthood and The Middle Ages and Princes and Petty Kings.  Most of the  games in the Day of Battle series cover a specific period of history, and present to the player the specific challenges of that period.  Many of the games share common basing for miniature figures as well as terminology.

Light Bobs Revised Edition Now Available

After the successful sell through of the first printing of Light Bobs it was decided to do some editing on the text to address a few areas that customers had pointed out were a little hard to understand. For all of this we turned to veteran editor Martin Stephenson of Vexillia Consulting (UK).

Among these areas improved was melee and battalion line morale, which were reviewed and modified to play better and faster.

Along with the rules changes and edits 5 scenarios were added included one called “The Fence” which is a loose interpretation of the fence line held by the 1st and 3rd NH Regiments at Bunker Hill.

This added 4 more pages to the book.

Finally an improved Table of Contents combined with the numbering of key paragraphs throughout the rule book helps the player find the information he is seeking much easier.

Last of all Light Bobs was up graded to a spiral binder with tear pages for the QRS which allows it to be removed with ought risking damaging the spine.

All rules changes will be posted on the website as a free pdf download for owners of the first printing.

The retail price is $24.00

I have added the Light Bobs reversions 01 and QRS on the downloads page.

This picture is of my brother David while in the 10th Regiment of foot at Lexington Green in the mid 1990’s.

Light Bobs