Lights Bobs from Day of Battle Games

Light Bobs – Prelude to Trenton

Trenton I have uploaded images with text on them outlining the way to set up a Light Bobs game and then how to play. This one pits an American advance force on the road to Trenton. They encounter a small guard force of Hessian’s on the way. What ensues is a sharp fight in the […]

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Rollo ruler of Normandy

Rollo – first ruler of Normandy

Rollo: The Viking who became the first ruler of Normandy Rollo was the Viking who became the first ruler of Normandy, a region of France. It is believed that he was born in the latter half of the 9th century somewhere in Scandinavia. Details of his origins and parentage are obscure. He emerged as the […]

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Cyber Monday deals at Columbia Games

Cyber Monday deals at Columbia Games Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them This holiday season, is where to find hordes of fantastic beasts. Our offices and warehouse are full of them. Save on every item – site wide – today only Save 20% with the Promo code “thanks”. Free shipping – worldwide – […]

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Ragnar - Viking legend

Ragnar – Legendary Viking Leader

Ragnar Lothbrok: The legendary Viking ruler Ragnar Lothbrok was a legendary Danish Viking ruler from the Viking Age described in Old Norse poetry and sagas. According to some historians, it is believed that Ragnar lived in the 9th century and was the father of many renowned sons who are known in history. His sons were […]

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Arbo-St. Olaf fall in the battle of Stiklestad Viking Berserker

Facts about Viking berserker warriors

Interesting facts about Viking berserker warriors The Viking era and it’s berserker tradition¬† is something that is incredibly fascinating to people in this day and age as it is so different from any present-day culture. The way they dressed and the way in which they purportedly acted. It is always a great thing to hear […]

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