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    the Norman Conquests

    The Normans charge in a battle of Day of Battle

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 Light Bobs CoverWelcome to Day of Battle Games

The website of miniatures wargame rules by Chris Parker. 
Chris’  latest game in the Day of Battle series is a battalion level set of rules for the American Revolution called Light Bobs”.

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Over the years Chris has published Day of Battle, the Norman Conquests, Crusader Warfare, Medieval Warfare (not Terry Gores) Knighthood and The Middle Ages and Princes and Petty Kings.  Most of the  games in the Day of Battle series cover a specific period of history, and present to the player the specific challenges of that period.  Many of the games share common basing for miniature figures as well as terminology.

This picture is of my brother David while in the 10th Regiment of foot at Lexington Green in the mid 1990’s.

Light Bobs




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