Lights Bobs from Day of Battle Games

Light Bobs – Prelude to Trenton

Trenton I have uploaded images with text on them outlining the way to set up a Light Bobs game and then how to play. This one pits an American advance force on the road to Trenton. They encounter a small guard force of Hessian’s on the way. What ensues is a sharp fight in the […]

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Day of Battle

234th Anniversary Guilford Courthouse

Yesterday March 15th was the 234th anniversary of the Battle of Guilford Court House. I spent the day walking the ground of the actual engagement around the time the fighting would have been occurring. The following is a photo report showing some perspectives of the ground as it exists today along with some background materials […]

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The Fate of Post War Sherman’s?

So what happened to the 450 Argentine Shermans? In the late 1940’s, Argentina bought nearly 450 M4 Sherman’s from Belgium in many British variants, over 250 of them were the Firefly version, with the long barrelled 17pdr gun that could take on the Tiger 1. In the late 1970’s, the Argentinian Army needed to modernize […]

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Light Bobs American Revolution Miniature Rules

French & Indian War Snapshot

THE FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR Light Bobs makes an excellent set of rules for this war. Also referred to as the Seven Years’ War, this New world conflict marked another chapter in the long imperial struggle between Great Britain and France. When France’s expansion into the Ohio River valley brought repeated conflict, while using claims […]

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Germans with Burgoyne

Gentlemanly Wargaming Blog Research on Brunswick and Hesse-Hanau forces with Burgoyne in 1777 (JD Glasco writes) While doing other research (for a dissertation) in London, I did a bit of side research on the American Revolution; primarily I looked for orders of battle and other related material. I realized that I have a lot of this […]

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