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 Light Bobs CoverWelcome to Day of Battle Games

The website of miniatures wargame rules by Chris Parker. 
Chris’  latest game in the Day of Battle series, Light Bobs, is shipping.

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Over the years Chris has published Day of Battle, the Norman Conquests, Crusader Warfare, Medieval Warfare (not Terry Gores) Knighthood and The Middle Ages and Princes and Petty Kings.  Most of the  games in the Day of Battle series cover a specific period of history, and present to the player the specific challenges of that period.  Many of the games share common basing for miniature figures as well as terminology.

Light Bobs – Battle of Princeton

Here are a few pictures of my “Princeton what if” game run at Havoc earlier this month (3.24.2105.)In this scenario Washington sends forward an advance force of 2 x battalions and runs into the British, much as it happened historically however the troops and terrain were fictitious.  The British were given 2 x battalions each of 4 companies.  One company in each battalion was veteran, the rest were average.  Get your copy
The American battalions were each made up of 1 veteran company, 2 x average companies and a militia (poor) company.  Washington also gave them 1 x average company of riflemen which were split into 2 x half companies and in turn each battalion got a half company of riflemen.  The game was well balanced and the American left stalled the British advance and eventually reduced them to half strength with the loss of 2 x companies.  Get your copy
www.Dayofbattle.comOn the British right just the opposite happened.  The Americans did a jolly time holding them up by bringing the fight to them, but it wasn’t long before the British got the better of them.  First the rifles then a regular American company was lost until finally the remaining militia fled with the British firing volley after volley into them as they ran, this British company accumulated so many disorder markers from this fire that it was virtually “Spent”.  One can see the men gasping for breath as they attempted to fire their weapons which by now were completely fouled and unusable.  The two remaining American companies couldn’t hold up and the entire battalion broke and fled.  The victory went to the British.  Get your copy
After the battle all 4 players drew a card to see if they were promoted in the game.  To raise a rank the card they drew needed to have a value of 4 or better.  In this system an ace is a 1 and all face cards are worth 5.  Both British captains were but the Americans both failed their draw and remained captains (if a player is on the losing side all red cards count as fail.  Get your copy
This picture is of my brother David while in the 10th Regiment of foot at Lexington Green in the mid 1990’s.
Light Bobs


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