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  • 40mm Trident Highlanders

    40mm – Highlander Trident Miniatures

  • 40mm british Light Dragoons by trident

    British Light Cavalry

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Welcome to Day of Battle Games

The website of miniatures wargame rules by Chris Parker.  Over the years Chris has published Day of Battle, the Norman Conquests, Crusader Warfare, Medieval Warfare (not Terry Gores) Knighthood and The Middle Ages and Princes and Petty Kings.

Most of the  games in the Day of Battle series covers a specific period of history, and present to the player specific challenges of that period. Most of the games share common basing for miniature figures terminology.

The latest game in the Day of Battle series, Light Bobs, is coming in spring 2015.

Want a beta copy of Light Bobs?

Also for sale on this website are select 40mm Trident American Revolutionary War and Vanguard medieval miniatures, Chessex dice, travel boxes and wooden and magnetic bases for all of the Day of Battle games.

To order, go to the Shop icon on the menu bar.